Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008...

HELLO 2009!

2008, I'm not saying you were a bad year because we definitely had our good times...
I Remember at the beginning of our relationship I was a stupid 16 year old who thought she was cooler than she actually was. -_- Remember?

I quickly turned 17 which made my life a little better. I could now legally drive my friends around and drive past the hours of 11pm and 5am. I was given a lot more freedom during you, 2008.
I became more driven in my schoolwork for sure, and while others were struggling with juggling everything, I became a pro. I gained more confidence with you, 2008. In late January, I began making videos on the popular video sharing website known as YouTube. I went to the San Francisco gathering in February with Claire-Bear and we had a blast. I didn't know what you had in store for me. But, 2008, you sure knew. You knew that I would make incredible friends from all around the world. Friends that, beginning in the summer, I would talk to daily.

2008, you also took some of my friends away... In June, Sarah, Sireesha, Cassie and Jorge all graduated from high school. They were some of my best friends I could ever have had. So come August, Sarah and Sireesha left for San Diego, Cassie for San Francisco and Jorge for New York. 2008, you took my best friends away from me so that I could only see them during the summer and winter holidays.

And 2008, my brother is another one of those, except he is gone until next August. So it's not just your fault, 2008, don't worry. I am happy that he is living it up in Argentina though, and possibly some other South American countries while he's down there.

I had some incredible opportunities because of you, 2008. I was able to go to Boston for 2 weeks to study at Boston University and meet a ton of amazing people from all over the world. I had a tremendously good time and now I have a heap of contacts in Puerto Rico. :P
I got to go to Warped Tour and see some of my favorite bands ever. I got to meet The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship. I just about died of excitement.
I had the opportunity to go to YouTube Live in November. I met some of my favorite YouTubers and got to see some pretty sweet acts live.

I realized that even when the economy is in crap mode, that I can have a great Christmas. Just spending it with friends and family just hanging out and having a good time.

By the way 2008, you produced some awesome movies as well. Wall-E was the movie I saw with my brother the day before he left for Argentina. That just makes it 100 times better than it already was. Australia made my life complete; I cried, I laughed, I was disgusted, so many emotions in one movie. Benjamin Button was done so well that it made me cry so much towards the end. Mamma Mia! was definitely the feel good movie of the year. Twilight sucked though, 2008, fix that.

You changed my life, 2008. Not as much as 2009 will, but you did significantly change it in all these ways. Each day you made a small change and I don't think I have an regrets from this year. I do remember the moment I found out I had been accepted into Indiana University and University of Nebraska. I literally cried because I was going to college for sure. That was the life changing moment I'll remember from you, 2008.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart, 2008. You did well for yourself this year. (Just don't get me started on the "hit music" from you. It sucked KTHNXBAI.)


I'll post about what is upcoming in 2009 tomorrow.
Have a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Skype Contacts.

This is a list of my skype contacts. However, there is a catch. Their names/ usernames are not shown, rather a sentence of how I feel about them or something that reminds me of them is written. Also, currently I have 94 skype contacts, therefore I won't be writing about all of them. Just the ones I feel are important enough to get out into writing.

1-- I have been one of your fans since I began making videos last January and I can't believe you're only a Sophomore.
2--You were one of my first skype contacts and I think I met you through stickam.
3--You seem like an amazing person and I can't wait to get to know you better soon; ya'know being an invader on survivoryt and all.
4--I just watched your video right before I made this post and I think you're a hilarious drunk.
6--You seems sweet, but I've never really chatted with you; the only time I did, you were hungover.
8--You, sir, are something else entirely; everytime you smacked me on the head it made me laugh so hard.
9--You are my favorite male ginger, this is true; you're amaingly silly as well.
10--I remember when I first heard about you, Rache had said that there was some kid that said he was going to my school next year and it creeped me out, but you're not that creepy in reality, ily my freshman!
11--Hi Mom, hi Dad.
12--You're a little too fangirlish for me.
13--You seem nice enough.
14--Your English Chavness is hilarious, yeah.
15--When I see you come online I squeal. You can ask anyone who has been in a call with me when you sign on; I love you little Pom!
16--I love your suave Brazilian accent.
17--Hey bro, how's Argentina?
18--You have gotten creepy; I mean you're 10 years older than I am, something is wrong with that.
19--You never cease to annoy me, but that again you can be a really sweetheart and NO, I'M LIKE NOT LIKE A VALLEY LIKE GIRL.
20--I haven't talked to you in a while which makes me sad; it makes me miss your deep sensual voice *giggle*.
21--I can't flippin' believe I have you as a skype contact; I freakin' fangirl soooo much AND I've actually talked to you! *SQUEEEE*
22--I wish you weren't in the Austrian timezone permanently, because we don't get to talk often.
23--You have been one of my best friends since we went to Australia together, I love you, and thanks for being my IRL YouTube buddy.
24--You're such a sweet talker, you're worse than Simon in the sweet talking department.
25--I love you my little New Zealand Kitty.
26--I sort of wish you never got that job at McDonalds because that means you're never on skype anymore and I can't talk to you that often; I love talking to you.
27--I haven't talked to you in ages, so when your computer is fixed, get on skype girl!
28--You're new to YouTube and the NZ community, but you're ever so sweet and you have a brilliant singing voice!
29--I remember, I was your 200th sunscriber, now look at you.
30--My little dancing kiwi, you're an amazing Balloono player.
32--You're so sweet to me, I wish more people liked you.
33--You're nice enough, I guess.
34--I feel like I'm losing you, like we're losing you; it used to be the three of us all the time, but now I think you'e moved on.
35--You happen to be the most compassionate person I know; you're always thinking of others and so full of emotion.
36--My PoshFEF in da house! I love talking to you so much, you're always so excited and I love hearing your stories.
37--Peeps, Poptarts, Peeps, Poptarts, Peeps: your heart!
38--Two days ago Corey added you to a call and it just might have been the most awkward call I've ever been in because I used to be a self-proclaimed fangirl of you and as of late, I've had to tone that down.
39--I miss you, you and your Earl Grey tea drinking ways.
41--Thank you so much for being my go to guy for all this crazy Computer and technology stuff, ily!
42--I haven't talked to you in a crazy long time, how's IB and Portugal?
43--Blame Canada, eh?
44--I miss you too, get on skype, yo fo realz.
45--I wish I talked to you more because I love your videos and I think we could be really good friends.
46--You are one silly guy; enough with the shots!
47--I love you because you are funny, quirky, and just all around a tremendously good person.
48--Your name makes me laugh when you sign on because it sounds like my computer is saying vagina.
49--I could consider you one of my best friends on youtube as well, I just don't know if you'd ever consider me the same.
50--You're odd.
51--You're no leprechaun, you're not from Ireland, you're right Welsh and have such an adorable accent I could eat it up.
52--I thought it was so crazy when I found out we lived in the same city, you being all popular and stuff, and me just being, well me...
53--I feel like we have an odd relationship because I used to be such a fangirl and I think you knew it, so I think you felt awkward for a while and then you realized I wasn't acting fangirlish, so you didn't mind me anymore... idk.
54--I FREAKING LOVE YOU GINGERFEF!!! I need to go down and visit you soooooooon, leik SRSLY.
55--You're in Modesto right now.
56--You are so humble it's crazy, I mean you have a crapload of subscribers yet you don't let it get to you and you talk to the "lowly" people like me.

So I did end up skipping a lot of people, but those are the ones I don't talk to, or I was told to add them in my contacts so that I could add them to a conference call that they were in for all of 5 minutes. Anyway, I noticed that I need to do a crap load of sifting through my skype contact list to get rid of those people.

I'm actually writing for a change...

So, I need to write in this more often. I think the reason I stopped is because it took too much time and effort to figure out how to use blogger.
I used to write daily on my Xanga blog but I stopped during Spring break of this year and never started again. I kind of miss that. I occasionally go back and read my old posts and I'm reminded of what a dork I was and still am. I mean, no kidding, I wrote daily in my Xanga for 2 whole years and then just suddenly stopped. I think I just got lazy. YouTube became a priority and no one used Xanga anymore anyway. I mean, how many of you redaing this (if anyone is reading this at all) have heard of Xanga? Yeah, I didn't think so...

I promised myself that I would go to sleep before midnight tonight because I'm going to Oakland tomorrow, but that didn't happen. I'm still awake and fully dressed and sitting in front of my computer at 12:30. I'm talking to David; he hasn't been on the computer in ages, so that is nice. And Denise just went to bed because I told her she has to be alert for work so that she can get money to go visit New Zealand with me. Wait, I need money too. *fail*

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I mean, I'm so lazy when it comes to writing, especially because I kept forgetting the password to this blog. I will remember it now. I think. Oh crap, I alreday forgot it... *fail again*

Oh, and for those of you who don't know already, I got an iPod Touch for Christmas. Thought I'd brag a little more in textual form. And I'm going to Washington D.C. for the inauguration of Barack Obama. BUT, that's when all my NZ friends will be in Wellington with Rob and I'm going to be insanely jealous. If you're reading this, WE MUST TALK WHILE YOU'RE ALL TOGETHER, KTHNXBAI. <3

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I'm really proud of this video.

Please watch and comment! <3

Monday, September 22, 2008


Hiro is my hero. I love him. His character is just simply amazing. 

Milo Ventimilgia is my favorite actor however. He plays Peter. He is gorgeous!!! <3

I'm really tired so I won't rant on and on about Heroes. I'm just going to say that it was effing amazing! I can't wait until next Monday just for the next episode. AHHHH!

Alrighty. Nighty night.

Love, Lauren <3

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Palin is not prepared to be vp let alone president

John McCain's choice of Sarah Palin to be vice president is just nuts. She has zero international experience and zero national government experience. 
So what has been her record that qualifies her for the Oval Office? Well she was mayor of a town about the size of Newman, CA (about 6,000 people). And for 20 months she has been governor of Alaska, a state with a population about the size of San Joaquin County in California. And McCain thinks she is ready to be commander in chief and president.
He is 72 and has had cancer four times. The vice president must be ready to take over the biggest, toughest job in the world. The idea that Sarah Palin is that person should cause us all to question not only McCain's judgement but his mental stability.

Think about it. Logically.
OBAMA-Biden '08

Love, Lauren <3

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I think I fail at posting...

Why don't I post here more often? I think I should, I just don't. I'm sorry.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

11 Days Later...

Sorry I haven't written in 11 days, I've been busy because I'm back at school. School started Monday morning with not much of a bang. It was a drag actually. I guess I'll go through my whole day and say what I thought.

First Period is IBSL Spanish. I'm in Spanish 4 this year and despite taking classes for 4 years and going to Guatemala last summer, I'm far from even conversational Spanish. I have enough Spanish knowledge to joke around with my friends and fake out our friends that take French. That's it, otherwise I fail at Spanish. Sra. Villalobos is really awesome though. I just have a tough time in Spanish class. "Me gusta aprender español, pero es muy díficil para mí."

Second Period is IBHL Psychology with Mr. Brereton. It was supposed to be Mrs. Johnson teaching the class, but Mr. Brereton's Anthropology class got taken away, so instead he is teaching all Psych classes. It'll be fine in there despite that was actually have homework. Except this homework is stupid because it is "detailed notes" on the chapters we read. I think that's lame, but that could just be me.

Third Period is IBSL Math Studies. I had never had Ms. Chavkin as a teacher, but the people who had her freshman year said she was strict and not very nice. So far I think she is pretty nice, she just wants to get the best out of us because she knows that we can do better. So she pushes her students to strive for the best, she is an AVID teacher anyway. Math seems like it will be difficult though. But she gives lots of extra credit. =D

Fourth Period is IB Theory of Knowledge (aka TOK). Mrs. Castellani is an amazing teacher and I really like her. We are going to do a lot of Extended Essay and college searches in her class, but we will also be taught to challenge what we are taught and what we have learned. Always to ask "why?" Oh and another upside to this class is that even though Tuesday through Thursday I won't have a lunch because both 4th and 5th period is scheduled for me, I will have a lunch on Monday and Friday because TOK is only 3 days a week. Isn't that awesome?

Fifth Period I have IBHL Global History with Mr. Chiavetta. I had him as my history teacher Sophomore year and he is amazing. We do however, have a lot of study guides. Study guides fail. And I just got one that is due next week. But I'm sure it'll be fine.

Sixth Period is yearbook class. Ms. McAuliffe is our advisor and teacher and Keisha and I are co-editors-in-chief. On this first day of class there were a lot of people that shouldn't have been in the class who were just thrown in at the last minute because they needed a class 6th period, but they hadn't applied like you're supposed to. So Ms. McAuliffe spent a lot of time trying to get them out of our class. But by Friday, everything was settled. No worries. There are a lot of awesome new people in yearbook class too, and a lot of awesome returning students as well...except for one. But I'll deal.

Seventh Period is IBHL English 7-8 with Mrs. Johnson. She is such an awesome person I love her already! She keeps blankets in her classroom for when students get cold, and she also has a cabinet full of snacks for us. She keeps popcorn and a microwave and mini-fridge in her classroom so that we have food during class or lunch if we need it. She is so awesome. Her tests are really long though, that's what is funny. But I'll deal with that too.

I think all in all, I'm only going to have problems in Spanish and Math this year. Just because those classes seem really hard. But then again so are Mr. Chiavetta's tests. Those are like Hell on paper. Well just wish me luck with my senior year, because I'm going to need it.

Oh and by the way, on to of all of this I have golf. Both practices and matches. We have matches every Tuesday and Thursday and Practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm thankful we get Fridays off.

Love, Lauren <3

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I Finished My EE!

This is a big day in my life. I actually finished my extdended essay! I mean I'll probably get it back with a ton of things I need to add, change or take out, but right now I'm finished! I can finally focus on all my other homework that I have to do before Monday.

I'm seriously dreading going to school Monday. I don't want the school year to start. I just want to automatically go to college already. *sigh* Someone should take me with them to college.

Anyway, if you're reading this and haven't seen my video yet, you fail. Watch it now, below!

Please DONATE whatever you can! The link to the paypal account is at the top of this page, just click donate. Thanks so much!

Love, Lauren <3

Sunday, August 17, 2008

My hair looks really good right now.

My hair seriously looks amazing right now, and the problem with that is I'm not going out at all. All I'm doing tonight is sitting in front of my computer typing my extended essay. *sigh* Why must life give me a great hair day on the wrong day and give me a bad hair day when I am going somewhere important. I think life hates me.

It's so much fun getting twitter updates sent to my phone in a text message because now I feel really popular when I get 3 text message within 10 minutes. It's especially fun when people are around and they see me checking my text messages. Hahaha. But anyway, I love keeping myself updated all day with twitter. It's an obsession I fear.

I just ate dinner and it was yummy. We had tacos. Oh how I love Mexican food. It's one of the joys of living in California. You get the real stuff. Mmmmm. Actually, right now my mouth is burning from the hot sauce I put on them, but I'm sure it'll go away soon. I love spicy foods. So delicious!

No one is on skype right now, but I guess that is a good thing because then I can focus even more on my extended essay and finishing it so that I can move onto all my other homework before school starts. Have I mentioned how much I don't want school to start? I have fun staying up until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning...and now I won't be able to do that. I'll have to go to bed by 11:00 each night. But thank god I don't have a 0 period this year, because that means I don't have to go to school until 7:55 instead of 7:00.

Not much else to say except that I had a People to People meeting today and it was my first meeting being President. That was nice. I felt so in control. Everyone had to pay attention to me as I called the meeting. I'm such a powerful president. w00t.

One last thing...
I'm openly accepting donations at this time to send me to New Zealand. As soon as I get enough money, I'm going. =D (Could take me a while though...sigh. Hopefully by Christmas? Doubt it. Next summer then. Yeah.)

Love, Lauren <3

Saturday, August 16, 2008

They Say That Kid He's Got Soul...

I'm everywhere that you gooooooooo! And I've been there, seen that, and I ain't taking you home. Noo-o-o!

That song has been stuck in my head since yesterday so I'm listening to it now to get it out.

Here is a video clip from The Academy Is... that I took. Sorry it's a bit shaky, I was having fun jumping around. Enjoy. (The Phrase That Pays by The Academy Is...)

The End.

Love, Lauren <3

Friday, August 15, 2008


Today I had one of the best days of my life! I went to Warped Tour in Mountain View, CA and saw two of my most favorite bands ever, The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship! I'll give a play by play of what happened today.

6am I woke up to shower and eat breakfast so that I would be good for the rest of the day until dinner. Becky walked over to my house from her's which is right across the street at around 7:15 and we left at 7:30 from my house. Because of the morning commuting traffic to the bay area, it took us about 2 hours and 15 minutes to get there instead of the usual hour and a half. But it was all good because we had left extra early so that we wouldn't be late. And we were still a whole hour early. Being early was the best thing we could have done. People from bands were walking up and down the line we were waiting in to let us know when bands were playing and they were giving out free stuff.

One group of people that came by were from PETA, that crazy animal rights group, and they pretty much grossed everyone in the line out by explaining how pigs are slaughtered before they are eaten. And I was all, "Well I don't eat pig anyway...except for ribs." And they didn't like that very much. The girl closest to me gave me a really dirty look. I didn't sign the petition. I kind of feel bad now. But oh well.

Back to the day, when Becky and I finally got inside the venue we rushed over to the merch tents to buy me a The Academy Is... t-shirt so I wouldn't have to wear my stupid green shirt anymore. And I got the perfect shirt! =D So then Becky bought some Cobra Starship stuff.

Then came the actual show time. We headed over to the pit of the main stage where The Academy Is... was playing and we watched them play which was hecka awesome! I can't even describe it in words. Just imagine seeing the guys you are in love with playing amazing music and it's all of your favorite songs. Gah.

Then when The Academy Is... was over, we rushed over to the other main stage to see Cobra Starship perform. We got so squished up with everyone. It was like a mini orgy, only not sexual. But it was so awesome to listen to them live and Gabe was so funny! =D

Well after that we hit up the smaller stages and saw Family Force 5 which was surprisingly good. Very catchy music that is great to dance to. I'm going to have to look up their music online. We walked through merch tents some more. I saw Katy Perry and waved at her. She waved back, which was slightly unexpected, but cool.

Then we stumbled upon where The Academy Is... was going to have their signing. It was at the Alternative Press tent. Luckily when we got there, there wasn't a big line at all. We were maybe 18 people back, so we got a ticket to get stuff signed. However, they weren't going to sign my shirt if it was still on my back, so I had to do an epic quick change while standing in line with three guys standing really close behind me. I pulled it off though without a hitch and without showing too much skin.

Anyway, when I got to the front of the line, I handed Adam Siska (Sisky Bizness) my shirt and he gave me a high-five. I told him and Mike Carden (the real Santi) that I love TAI TV and that I watch it all the time. They thanked me for doing that. I was in heaven. Mike Carden passed my shirt to Michael Guy Chislett (Chisy) and he signed it, and asked how I was. Then he passed it to THE Butcher who signed it and passed it to William Beckett who signed it and asked how I liked the show. I told him it was amazing as always and that I watch TAI TV and that I'm in love with it. He laughed and thanked me. They were so genuine. It was great! =D

Then I rushed over to where Becky was. She had gone over to wait for Cobra Starship to come to the place where they were having their signing. When Cobra finally showed up, we had a dance party and sang tons of songs, but we sang "Kiss My Sass" twice because they're making a music video for it and they needed us to be in it as a large crowd of fans. The band came out and danced with us too and I was about 5 feet away from Ryland the entire time, and about 10 feet away from Gabe. <3

When that was done, people started swarming Gabe for pictures and autographs. I just swarmed Ryland and got a picture with him. It was amazing! He is my favorite because he is so genuine and funny. I love when he plays Guy Ripley in TAI TV. So funny! =D Anyway, here is my picture with him:

Then we caught the tail end of Relient K which was great and we rushed over to see We The Kings. They were amazing as well.

There are no words that are powerful enough to describe how I felt today. I had the time of my life. I'm so glad I got to share it with Becky. And I love my parents for letting me go.

We went out to dinner on the way home and reminisced about the day. We laughed about everything we had done because it had been so much fun. And then I took Becky home. We blasted Cobra Starship's music the entire way home. It was EPIC. =D

Love, Lauren <3

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh life...What will I do with you?

I have so much homework to do, yet I procrastinate on it forever. Why must I do that? I fail at life I think. I'm proud of myself that I'm keeping up with updating this though.

ROAR was so tiring today. It was freshmen day and they all looked so lost. I felt slightly bad for them and then I realized they were freshmen and that I'm so much older than them. Oh freshmen, I hope you like high school!

I came home and didn't accomplish anything. I just skype talked with Jess, Lewis, Rache, Simon, and Patrick. So much fun! We had a mini dance party for like two songs and then everyone had to go. But I started talking to Ryan (theNewZealandishBrit) and he was very nice. I love talking to people from other countries. I think it's become one of my favorite past times. I win.

I also have become obsessed with the music of nevershoutnever! He is so amazing and his music is now some of my favorite stuff on my iPod. I totally recommend anyone reading this to go download his music or at least listen to it somewhere. He will blow you away. I recommend you listen to the song Heregoesnothin it's his most played. =D

This made my day yesterday. Watch it!

Love, Lauren <3

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Epic Scheduling Failure.

Ok so I'm going to have a hectic senior year since I have no lunch. gah. Why must they always make a mistake on my schedule? Am I that complicated? Sheesh. Anyway, here it is:

1- Spanish IBSL (Villalobos)
2- Psychology IBHL (Brereton) [does anyone know why he is teaching it and not Johnson?]
3- Math Studies (Chavkin)
4- Theory of Knowledge (Castellani)
5- lunch [except I'll be in 5th period history class, so no lunch for me!]
6- History IBHL (Chiavetta) [except I'll actually be in Yearbook class]
7- English IBHL (Johnson)
8- Golf
9- Advanced Yearbook [which is technically 6th period, so I'll be in there.]

So I'm not the only one whose schedule was screwed up like this. Keisha also had the same exact problem. And now we have the same exact schedule except for language. She takes French and I take Spanish but at the same period, so all our other classes are the same. Plus, we both have to skip lunch to go to History.

This is soooo lame! At least I'll have someone to do it with me. I don't think I could do it alone.

So Lourenco, since you seen to be the only person that comments and/or reads this, how are you today?

Love, Lauren <3

Monday, August 11, 2008

Lourenco actually reads this.

So it's amazing to me that you actually read this Lourenco. I mean all that going on about how no one reads what I write and then come to find out, you do! This is too great. I guess I might just put a link on my YouTube, facebook, myspace, and twitter accounts. Then not just you would read this crap that I write. Hmmm, should I do it?

Love, Lauren <3

I need to get a life.

So for real. I need to start cracking down on myself to get my homework done. I think after I post this blog I'm going to actually finish my extended essay. That would be a miracle. But at least I'll try and start to finish it. Or maybe I'll do my Spanish assignments, English assignments, or History internal assessment. IB wants to kill me. Gah, I'm screwed. Hopefully I can get it all done in the next two weeks with all the other stuff I have to do. Fail.

So last night I skyped with Jess and David. I was in a really silly mood where I actually felt like talking a lot, so I did, and it was tremendous fun. I finally have a name for my stuffed kiwi now that Ben, my brother, brought home for me after his trip to New Zealand. It's name is Winston after the foreign affairs minister that supposedly everyone hates in New Zealand. Here's a picture of him (the kiwi I mean) wearing my glasses:

Wow, I love random pictures sometimes. This just takes the cake though.

I just learned from twitter that a certain guinea pig has fallen deathly ill. All my thoughts go to it's owner, Josh (skishua). Get well lovely guinea pig!

Oh twitter, what can I say about you? You make my world complete being able to stalk all my favorite YouTubers and friends. What did I ever do before you, twitter? I don't even remember how to stalk to old fashioned way.

You know what I decided I liked is the idea that no one but myself has seen these posts. It makes me actually feel more free, like I can say whatever I want and no one will know. Of course I'm not going to post something I'd regret if someone saw, but I am going to just type and see what happens from now on. I love online blogs. This is like my diary, only without "Mrs. William Beckett" scribbled everywhere. Gosh, I can't wait until Friday! It's going to be amazing! And my mom said I can get a The Academy Is... t-shirt! Good times. For real.

Love, Lauren <3

Sunday, August 10, 2008

ZOMG World Record!

This is brilliant! I just finished watching the American Men swim in the 4x100m freestyle relay and they beat the French for gold! But to top it all off, they beat the standing world record by a whole second and a half! HUZZAH! Oh how I love Olympic swimming. USA! USA! USA!

I finally posted a new video that is quite lame on my YouTube channel. I don't know why I actually posted the craptastic thing, but I think it's because there hasn't been a video from me on my personal channel in ages. I was losing subscribers! What would you have done? (Ok, so I only lost one, and then gained two...but still.)

Gah, life is getting stressful however, because registration for school (aka ROAR) starts on Tuesday and goes through Thursday, and because I'm going to be co-editor-in-chief of the yearbook this year I have to sell yearbooks at ROAR all day. That means a lot less time to get my crap-load of summer homework done before school starts. Plus, I'm going to Warped Tour on Friday which is all day (more on this later). Then, to even add more pressure, golf practices start on August 18th. Omg I'm going to die. It doesn't help that I'm distracted by YouTube, facebook, twitter, blogtv, stickam, blogspot...yadda yadda.

Enough about my stress though, it's just making me more stressed. I want to brag about Warped Tour! OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! The main reason I'm going is to see The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship. They rock my world. I NEED to meet them. So I'm going straight to their merch tents to find them before or after their show. Gah, I love music. Warped Tour is going to be like I've died and gone to heaven.

And in conclusion, I'd like to thank one of my really really good YouTube friends, Jess (Jessums31), for just being so cool. =D I heart skype. hehehehe.

Love, Lauren <3

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's 3:02am and I'm blogging.

So I love skype. Thought I'd mention that. I mean, who doesn't though? I guess the people who don't know what skype is. Oh well. I was talking with Jess, Lewis, and Simon for a while and then Simon's connection was lost. So Jess, Lewis and I carried on which was so fun. I love random skype chats. Anyway, then Lewis had to go, so Jess and I were kicked out of the chat because Lewis was hosting, bummer. But it got all better when I invited Rache and it was a big party once again. =D

I hope that made sense. I'm really not re-reading what I type at 3am.

No one will probably read this. But if by magic someone does, hello there. How are you? Tell me, do I make any sense at 3am? Naw, didn't think so. Anyway, basically what I wanted to say was that I love the inventors of skype. Because it is a very useful tool to communicate with people outside the country. Cheerio. =D

Love, Lauren <3

Goodbye Xanga, Hello Blogspot!

Well this is a pleasant change. I think since I was 12 I've been posting blogs, but always on xanga. I have maybe 3 xanga accounts all created for a single purpose: my musings. I decided I needed to grow up and get a REAL blog. So that's what I did, and thus, my blogspot.

I just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and let me just state, they were BEAUTIFUL! No doubt about it. I don't think they could have done a more spectacular job. I had quite a few laughs while watching it too. Those girls who were dancing, waving and cheering on the athletes as they walked in were hilarious. By the time China came in last, they were dead tired and you could tell. At least the Chinese Olympic committee gave them bottles of water. That was nice of them.

Now about YouTube. I know I haven't posted a video on my personal channel in a while, but that's because of two main reasons. 1) I haven't gotten a great idea for a video in a while, and 2) I haven't had enough motivation mainly because I've been having to do videos for oneawesomeworld and also do my summer homework for school which starts in 2 weeks. Holy crap. I'm going to start my senior year in less than 2 weeks. *GASP*

Anyway, I don't know anyone that is actually going to read this, so if you do please comment because I'd like to know someone is reading. Even if this is boring to you. Comment anyway, it gives me motivation. =D
I'll be posting whenever I feel like it. I'll try and document my upcoming senior year of high school and maybe beyond. Who knows, if I'm motivated enough. So comment please, even if it's to say hello.

Love, Lauren <3