Thursday, January 8, 2009

I have the hiccups right now.

Hiccups aren't pleasant. Argh.

I got a chocolate letter 'L' from my Godmother for Christmas. I always get that from her. It's Dutch tradition. I'm always so excited about it. except this time, when I opened it, half the chocolate had gone bad. *sadface*
Dutch chocolate is my favorite chocolate in the world... but it went bad and now I'm all upset that I have no Droste chocolate.

I'll include a picture. I actually attempted to eat the bad chocolate too. It wasn't good, obviously.


I was at rehearsal for the play that I'm in, Cyrano de Bergerac, and we were doing a read through. If you're unfamiliar with the play there is a scene where Cyrano (the main character) is in a theater and a girl, known as the Orange Girl, is selling foods. She hears that Cyrano doesn't have any money left for the month so she offers him some food. Anyway, in the script's stage directions Cyrano must kiss her hand and thank her before she leaves the theater.

Here's the funny part. In rehearsal it gets to that part and the guy who is playing Cyrano, Jon, says his line before he is suppose to kiss the Orange Girls hand and then he goes on to moan something that is not in the script at all, "MMMMMMM. Tastes Citrus-y."

You can imagine how we all laughed after that. OMG so funny. The end.

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