Saturday, January 10, 2009

So my birthday was great. Had fun at school. Then Kelly and Becky went to dinner with me and my parents. Then they stayed over and we talked to Jess, David, Rob, and Simon. Not all at once though.

I got 2 packages of stroopwafles. Here's a pic of me eating one.
And I got iPod headphones with a mic built in so that I can talk on skype on my iPod. :D
Oh and a straightener for my hair.


feellinecancer said...

Hai I love you and yis ^^

Lourenço said...

you got me hungry with that pic. aghh i was so well cozy and lasy in the pc chair... Thank you Lauren

Jess said...

Awww! Photo is so cute. om nom!

Simon said...

i'd stroke that waffle of yours any day lauren.

Skishua said...

D'awww yo hair looks so nice. The cookie looks like an Eggo.

mh said...

straight hair is good :)
Chargers getting wasted is not :(
pooz for Cali