Friday, January 16, 2009

I leave at 3am...

It's currently 9:10pm. And in less than 6 hours I am getting on a bus to the Oakland airport where I am then flying to Kansas City, MO and then to Washington DC.

I will be gone for a week, so don't miss me too much! I do hope that everyone that is going down to Wellington next week has an awesome time because I probably won't see talk to you from now until you all get back, except for on Twitter.

If you have my number, text/call me if you want. I'll be ECSTATIC! Like seriously.

While I'm gone, I'll not only be witnessing history on January 20th in DC, I'll be traveling around Virginia to the historical Civil War sites and Jamestown/Williamsburg. :D I'm going with my history teacher and a bunch of my friends so I know it'll be a great experience.

I'm live tweeting my entire experience, so get my twitter updates!

I won't have internet access for the most part while I'm gone, but I will update it via text message. And I am getting twitter text messages from Jess, Denise, Josh, Becky, David and Tenani.
And, if you want to get a hold of me while I'm gone, direct message me on twitter. Then I'll get it to my phone. :D

Love for now, LAUREN <3


Jess said...

Oh so exciting!

I guess we'll be watching it in the backpackers or something XD

I shall text you <3

Denise said...


Have a grand time, Lo!

ps. Expect normal texts from me as well. <33333

Sarah said...

You are going to have TONS of fun in spite of the cold :D :D

Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic time!

goooooood girl said...

your blog is so good......

Steve Morozumi said...

this is funny. i found your blog through Bloggers interested in twitter. wow. this is cool! i can't wait to check out your tweets about your trip! you can check out my tweets at zumisf!

right on! blog ya' later!

-Steve @ fluxlife