Saturday, August 30, 2008

11 Days Later...

Sorry I haven't written in 11 days, I've been busy because I'm back at school. School started Monday morning with not much of a bang. It was a drag actually. I guess I'll go through my whole day and say what I thought.

First Period is IBSL Spanish. I'm in Spanish 4 this year and despite taking classes for 4 years and going to Guatemala last summer, I'm far from even conversational Spanish. I have enough Spanish knowledge to joke around with my friends and fake out our friends that take French. That's it, otherwise I fail at Spanish. Sra. Villalobos is really awesome though. I just have a tough time in Spanish class. "Me gusta aprender español, pero es muy díficil para mí."

Second Period is IBHL Psychology with Mr. Brereton. It was supposed to be Mrs. Johnson teaching the class, but Mr. Brereton's Anthropology class got taken away, so instead he is teaching all Psych classes. It'll be fine in there despite that was actually have homework. Except this homework is stupid because it is "detailed notes" on the chapters we read. I think that's lame, but that could just be me.

Third Period is IBSL Math Studies. I had never had Ms. Chavkin as a teacher, but the people who had her freshman year said she was strict and not very nice. So far I think she is pretty nice, she just wants to get the best out of us because she knows that we can do better. So she pushes her students to strive for the best, she is an AVID teacher anyway. Math seems like it will be difficult though. But she gives lots of extra credit. =D

Fourth Period is IB Theory of Knowledge (aka TOK). Mrs. Castellani is an amazing teacher and I really like her. We are going to do a lot of Extended Essay and college searches in her class, but we will also be taught to challenge what we are taught and what we have learned. Always to ask "why?" Oh and another upside to this class is that even though Tuesday through Thursday I won't have a lunch because both 4th and 5th period is scheduled for me, I will have a lunch on Monday and Friday because TOK is only 3 days a week. Isn't that awesome?

Fifth Period I have IBHL Global History with Mr. Chiavetta. I had him as my history teacher Sophomore year and he is amazing. We do however, have a lot of study guides. Study guides fail. And I just got one that is due next week. But I'm sure it'll be fine.

Sixth Period is yearbook class. Ms. McAuliffe is our advisor and teacher and Keisha and I are co-editors-in-chief. On this first day of class there were a lot of people that shouldn't have been in the class who were just thrown in at the last minute because they needed a class 6th period, but they hadn't applied like you're supposed to. So Ms. McAuliffe spent a lot of time trying to get them out of our class. But by Friday, everything was settled. No worries. There are a lot of awesome new people in yearbook class too, and a lot of awesome returning students as well...except for one. But I'll deal.

Seventh Period is IBHL English 7-8 with Mrs. Johnson. She is such an awesome person I love her already! She keeps blankets in her classroom for when students get cold, and she also has a cabinet full of snacks for us. She keeps popcorn and a microwave and mini-fridge in her classroom so that we have food during class or lunch if we need it. She is so awesome. Her tests are really long though, that's what is funny. But I'll deal with that too.

I think all in all, I'm only going to have problems in Spanish and Math this year. Just because those classes seem really hard. But then again so are Mr. Chiavetta's tests. Those are like Hell on paper. Well just wish me luck with my senior year, because I'm going to need it.

Oh and by the way, on to of all of this I have golf. Both practices and matches. We have matches every Tuesday and Thursday and Practice on Mondays and Wednesdays. I'm thankful we get Fridays off.

Love, Lauren <3

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