Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's 3:02am and I'm blogging.

So I love skype. Thought I'd mention that. I mean, who doesn't though? I guess the people who don't know what skype is. Oh well. I was talking with Jess, Lewis, and Simon for a while and then Simon's connection was lost. So Jess, Lewis and I carried on which was so fun. I love random skype chats. Anyway, then Lewis had to go, so Jess and I were kicked out of the chat because Lewis was hosting, bummer. But it got all better when I invited Rache and it was a big party once again. =D

I hope that made sense. I'm really not re-reading what I type at 3am.

No one will probably read this. But if by magic someone does, hello there. How are you? Tell me, do I make any sense at 3am? Naw, didn't think so. Anyway, basically what I wanted to say was that I love the inventors of skype. Because it is a very useful tool to communicate with people outside the country. Cheerio. =D

Love, Lauren <3

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Lawrence said...

yeah. it kinda makes sense.

OMG! what is this? two different readers of your blog! wow.