Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Epic Scheduling Failure.

Ok so I'm going to have a hectic senior year since I have no lunch. gah. Why must they always make a mistake on my schedule? Am I that complicated? Sheesh. Anyway, here it is:

1- Spanish IBSL (Villalobos)
2- Psychology IBHL (Brereton) [does anyone know why he is teaching it and not Johnson?]
3- Math Studies (Chavkin)
4- Theory of Knowledge (Castellani)
5- lunch [except I'll be in 5th period history class, so no lunch for me!]
6- History IBHL (Chiavetta) [except I'll actually be in Yearbook class]
7- English IBHL (Johnson)
8- Golf
9- Advanced Yearbook [which is technically 6th period, so I'll be in there.]

So I'm not the only one whose schedule was screwed up like this. Keisha also had the same exact problem. And now we have the same exact schedule except for language. She takes French and I take Spanish but at the same period, so all our other classes are the same. Plus, we both have to skip lunch to go to History.

This is soooo lame! At least I'll have someone to do it with me. I don't think I could do it alone.

So Lourenco, since you seen to be the only person that comments and/or reads this, how are you today?

Love, Lauren <3

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Lourenço said...

i'm very well. and you?

i have no idea why brereton is teaching and not johnson.