Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Oh life...What will I do with you?

I have so much homework to do, yet I procrastinate on it forever. Why must I do that? I fail at life I think. I'm proud of myself that I'm keeping up with updating this though.

ROAR was so tiring today. It was freshmen day and they all looked so lost. I felt slightly bad for them and then I realized they were freshmen and that I'm so much older than them. Oh freshmen, I hope you like high school!

I came home and didn't accomplish anything. I just skype talked with Jess, Lewis, Rache, Simon, and Patrick. So much fun! We had a mini dance party for like two songs and then everyone had to go. But I started talking to Ryan (theNewZealandishBrit) and he was very nice. I love talking to people from other countries. I think it's become one of my favorite past times. I win.

I also have become obsessed with the music of nevershoutnever! He is so amazing and his music is now some of my favorite stuff on my iPod. I totally recommend anyone reading this to go download his music or at least listen to it somewhere. He will blow you away. I recommend you listen to the song Heregoesnothin it's his most played. =D

This made my day yesterday. Watch it!

Love, Lauren <3

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