Saturday, August 9, 2008

Goodbye Xanga, Hello Blogspot!

Well this is a pleasant change. I think since I was 12 I've been posting blogs, but always on xanga. I have maybe 3 xanga accounts all created for a single purpose: my musings. I decided I needed to grow up and get a REAL blog. So that's what I did, and thus, my blogspot.

I just finished watching the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Beijing Olympics and let me just state, they were BEAUTIFUL! No doubt about it. I don't think they could have done a more spectacular job. I had quite a few laughs while watching it too. Those girls who were dancing, waving and cheering on the athletes as they walked in were hilarious. By the time China came in last, they were dead tired and you could tell. At least the Chinese Olympic committee gave them bottles of water. That was nice of them.

Now about YouTube. I know I haven't posted a video on my personal channel in a while, but that's because of two main reasons. 1) I haven't gotten a great idea for a video in a while, and 2) I haven't had enough motivation mainly because I've been having to do videos for oneawesomeworld and also do my summer homework for school which starts in 2 weeks. Holy crap. I'm going to start my senior year in less than 2 weeks. *GASP*

Anyway, I don't know anyone that is actually going to read this, so if you do please comment because I'd like to know someone is reading. Even if this is boring to you. Comment anyway, it gives me motivation. =D
I'll be posting whenever I feel like it. I'll try and document my upcoming senior year of high school and maybe beyond. Who knows, if I'm motivated enough. So comment please, even if it's to say hello.

Love, Lauren <3


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